About Us

Our Mission

To change the way people look at signs.

Through the following principles is how we live our mission statement:

Our Signs

A lot of people overlook signs.  They read them, are informed, and move on, without giving a second thought to the amount of effort it took from conception, to design and fabrication, to final install, for that sign to be in its place.  At Atlas Sign Works, we believe all signs are functional art, and should be treated as such.  Every sign, for every purpose not only informs, but also conveys a feeling.  It is through those feelings, we hope to connect our clients to their customers with the signs we design and produce.

Our Employees

Without our skilled employees, we would be nowhere.  We trust our sales staff to bring in opportunities that fit within our core competencies, and also trust them to lead us in new and exciting directions.  We trust our design staff to do high-quality work at all times, and we believe their input and discretion during time spent with customers is important.  We trust our installation team to work safely and diligently on all job sites, and to report safety and installation issues if any arise.

Our Clients

Developing signage for your business is difficult.  Many times, clients don’t know where to purchase the right type of sign for their business.  Sometimes they know where to go for a sign, but don’t know what kind they need.  Sometimes they know what kind they need, but haven’t any idea what they want it to say.  Sometimes they know all of those things, but haven’t a color in mind.  Sometimes clients know exactly what they want, and are outside their budgetary limits, and don’t know what other solutions exist.

Atlas Sign Works takes pride in being able to help all clients, with all issues.  We recognized a need to see clients through a project, from the design phase all the way through production, and installation.  Communication is the key to building strong relationships, and we feel the customer needs to be aware of their options at all times.  We do our best to provide information and solutions in every step.

Our Partners

We need them, and they need us.  Atlas Sign Works stays in close contact with architects, contractors, designers, and developers to be on top of the latest trends in construction.  We are able to offer solutions for your project as the feel of the building or space changes throughout development.  Atlas Sign Works could not be in business without our partnerships, and through them, we are able to live our mission statement.